Chemical products for industries

Situated at a short distance from Centergross (Bologna) Tellerini S.p.A. is, in northern Italy, the most important distribution site of chemical products for industries.

Solvents, industrial and cosmetic surfactants, basic chemistry, industrial detergents, glycols and plasticizers are the types of chemicals marketed by Tellerini S.p.A.

Ever since 1941 when it was founded, the company has been growing its storage area to reach over 10.000 square meters of warehouses and the capacity to store over 4.000 tons of liquids.


Thanks to its strategic position, the size of the site and the organisation of the company, Tellerini S.p.A. is able to carry out storing and packaging both of solid and liquid products. With over 50.000 tones of annual turnover it serves over 3.000 clients, providing them with a wide range of high quality products both Italian and foreign.


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