Certificates and awards

Our company is a proud holder of ACCREDIA quality certificates and awards that guarantee the transparency of our work.

Organization Model 231-01

On 14/5/2020 the company adopted a new Model of Organization, Management and Control in accordance with the provisions of Legislative Decree 231/2001, with attached whisteblowing policy, in order to prevent the commission, within the company, of the crimes provided for in the decree, and to regulate the company's activities according to the provisions of the Code of Ethics to which it intends to conform its actions. The Code of Ethics has been adopted by the company since January 2014, in conjunction with the first adoption of an Organization, Management and Control Model.

The company has also appointed a Supervisory Body in order to verify the functioning and compliance with the Model, as well as to update it. The Supervisory Body can be contacted, for reports within its competence, at the dedicated e-mail address: 231@tellerini.it.



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